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How to build your delivery truck accident personal injury case

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

You probably see delivery trucks zipping and zooming out of your neighborhood on a daily basis. Although the men and women who are hired to operate these trucks should have clean driving records and adequate training to ensure that they’re operating their vehicle in a safe fashion, all too often unsuspecting motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists are struck by errant delivery truck drivers.

And with online shopping becoming more popular than ever, the frequency with which these accidents are occurring seems to be increasing. Those who are injured in these wrecks are often left with severe injuries, too, which can leave them with the need for long-term medical, emotional and financial support.

How can you build your delivery truck accident case?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a negligent delivery truck driver, you need to be prepared to take action if you want to protect your interests and your ability to obtain compensation. But what should you look for as you gauge how to build your personal injury case? Here are a few ideas:

  • Where the accident occurred: The final positioning of vehicles after a crash can tell a lot about how the wreck occurred. For example, if the delivery truck ends up in your lane, there’s a good chance that the driver was distracted or fatigued behind the wheel, resulting in them crossing into oncoming traffic.

This is why it’s helpful to take pictures of the accident scene if at all possible. If you can’t do that, you’ll definitely want to reach out to the police, as pictures of the accident scene should be part of the police report and subsequent investigation.

  • What was observed leading up to the wreck: If you’re hurt in an accident caused by a delivery truck, chances are that you weren’t the only one who saw it. Therefore, you’ll want to track down all witnesses so that you can obtain their statements. This might help you demonstrate that the delivery truck driver was conferring with their phone or navigation device, that their movements were erratic, or that they were driving with their cargo door open. Any of these can help you demonstrate that negligence led to your accident and your injuries.
  • What was said after the crash: After a car accident, you should say as little as possible since your words may be taken out of context, misconstrued and used against you. But the delivery truck driver may not be so careful. It’s okay to confer with them to see if they’re okay, at which time they might make a statement that’s indicative of fault.
  • The condition of the truck: Although you’ll want to file a legal claim against the delivery truck driver who caused your wreck, you might be better positioned to recover the compensation you need if you also pursue a claim against the trucker’s employer. There are a lot of ways to approach one of these claims, but one option you have is to secure maintenance records, which may show that the truck was kept in poor repair, thereby contributing to your accident.

Are you ready to seek the compensation you deserve?

There’s a lot at stake in your personal injury case. A positive outcome could lead to the recovery of much-needed compensation, thereby helping you offset losses such as those tied to your medical care, your lost wages and your pain and suffering. But this sort of resolution isn’t going to be handed to you. Instead, you’ll have to work for it, which is why competent legal teams like those at our firm stand ready to help build the persuasive case that you need on your side.