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When hair salon treatments might result in a lawsuit

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

What better way to lift your spirits when you are down than to have a new haircut and treatment? To achieve the desired style, your stylist will have to use an assortment of products that include both nourishing elements and harsh chemicals. If it isn’t applied properly or left too long, you could end up with damaged hair but also chemical burns.

Unfortunately, salon chemical burns are very common. Customers trust hair stylists to know what they are doing. So, when the hairdresser says tingling and burning are normal, you might downplay your discomfort and potential injuries. However, when hair products are not correctly prepared or applied, they could lead to chemical burns.

How serious salon chemical burns can be

Most chemical burns are first-degree burns, which cause discomfort, itching, swelling and blistering. They should have no or only minor long-term effects. More severe burns, on the other hand, might result in hair loss, peeling skin, nerve damage and impaired vision.

In extreme cases, salon chemical burn victims may have to undergo scalp reduction surgery to repair their burns. Even if these injuries do not go that far, they can still impair the person’s daily life. As their wound heals, they may be unable to swim, play sports, enjoy hot showers and other activities.

Bleaching, dyeing and straightening are just some common hair treatments that are often associated with chemical burns. These procedures often expose the scalp to chemicals. Therefore, a stylist should know how to mix and neutralize hair products and when to remove them.

Suing for salon chemical burns

Suffering a chemical burn at the hands of a hair salon may entitle you to monetary damages. If the staff or the hair salon owner’s negligence caused your injuries, you might be able to claim compensation from them.

The settlement would depend on the extent of your injuries and damages. Estimating your potential compensation can be challenging since every case is unique, but you can use the results of comparable cases as a starting point. Salon chemical victims have collected as little as a few thousand dollars and as much as $200,000 in others.

Upgrading your look with a new hairstyle should not result in major injuries. If you suffer chemical burns from getting a salon treatment, seek medical attention immediately. Consulting a personal injury attorney after could help you decide whether to pursue legal action.